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The one-stop-shop for all your musical requirements 

Welcome to the “one-stop-shop” that caters to all your musical instruments requirements – from box to electronic guitars, drums, percussions electronic organs – down to the most essential guitar/sitar strings, toned and exotic wood finishes in a semi-glossy finish.


Superlative & Unmatched quality 

Welcome to a “world” where “quality” matters over and above everything else! Welcome to an enterprise where customer satisfaction is always at its optimum! Welcome to a world where even the minutest details are taken care of meticulously and microscopically! We leave no stone unturned in ensuring that we meet the highest technical and stringent standards pertinent to our products; simply because we manufacture them under the toughest specifications and subject them through thorough and rigorous endurance tests.


Maintenance and Repairs

We specialize in maintenance and repairs of all musical instruments at rates that are not only reasonable; they’re most economical and unmatched in the industry. 


After sales service

Last, but not least, you can rest; reassured that we have a team of professional and dedicated craftsmen and technicians that can assuredly cater to your every need, should the need ever arise. We’re just a call away and can guarantee “Service at just a moment’s notice.”


Quality at its best - without compromising on service and after sales follow-ups!!!

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