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EBS Around the World: Rushad Mistry

What started in a basement 25 years ago is now a World-Wide business – EBS Professional Bass Equipment. Here’s a postcard from India, presenting our latest addition to the EBS roster of fine artists, Rushad Mistry. Also a great introduction to the EBS Reidmar bass amp.


Rushad Mistry is a professional bassist from India. He has worked with some of the most renowned musicians from the country such as Shankar Mahadevan (Shakti), Ranjit Barot (Drummer with John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension ), Dhruv Ghanekar. He is currently is touring with Indus Creed, Nikhil D’souza (alternative pop), Pangea (post metal), Vijay Prakash (fusion), Salim Sulaiman (Bollywood) and many more.


Music Bass Played by Rushad Mistry Composed and Produced by Shon Pinto Recorded Audio Live ,Mixed & Mastered by – Madhur Hatsikar

EBS Gear used in the video EBS Reidmar amp EBS ClassicLine 112 cabinets EBS MicroBass II and Stanley Clarke Signature Wah/Tone Filter


Producer- Alberto Music Director / Editor – Shalini Harshwal Director of Photography — Sudip Sengupta

Thanks to EBS Indian distributor More on EBS products at

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